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  • Which are different types of Jewelry that Indian women wear : A small guide to make it easy for you.

    Living in a Country of Tradition where there exists a 100 different cultures with it comes different types of jewelries. Are you confused on what to wear when or just looking for discovering new jewelry types? Read the full article below : What are different types of Jewelry ( Fashion Gold Jewelry)? Bandhi ( Worn on Head ) Nose Pin Earrings Neckwear ( Mangalsutras and Necklace Sets ) Bangles, Kangan or Kadlis Kamar Bandh ( Waist band ) Bajubandh ( Side band worn on arms ) Payals and Pochas ( Worn on feet and hands ) So today we focus on Neckwear Types and occasions to be worn on : Mangalsutras : Mangalsutras are most common jewelry that can be seen worn by almost 90% of Indian women on daily basis. One can see its reflection on almost every Indian serials ( i.e. 'Taarak Mehta ka Oolta Chashma.') So there are Mainly two categories in Mangalsutra regarding sizes : 1. Long Mangalsutra 2. Short Mangalsutra Long Mangalsutra Diverges into : - Antique - Golden - Antique Golden ( Most Popular among three) Can check it here: Short Mangalsutra Diverges : - AD (American Diamond ) - Antique AD - 1-2 Line - Golden Antique Can check in here: Necklace Set : Necklace Sets on the other side are the preference of the Modern Day Women. As, these are modern and trendy looking designs with contemporary outlook. And these necklace sets do give an shining rich look. These Necklace sets are divided into Five different categories regarding sizes : Short Necklace Medium Necklace Big Necklace Long Necklace Long-Big necklace Sets Can check in here: Conclusion : All of them do contain different variants across the varieties and may serve different purposes. All of the jewelry are mostly occasion wear but, it depends upon person wearing it, culture, tradition and other factors that determine the type of Jewelry to be worn. #formingjewelry #onegramjewelry #fashionjewelry

  • What is One Gram Jewelry : All you need to know.

    One gram jewelry or "Forming Jewelry" This jewelry is made of copper or brass and is plated with liquid gold plated jewelry, which is called 1-2 gram jewelry in common parlance. So is one gram jewelry is real gold jewelry? There are two types of one gram jewelry :- 1. Real gold gram jewelry : which comprises of real 1 gram gold plating on jewelry piece and seller also charges for 1 gram real gold. 2. Gram gold plated jewelry : which comprises of 300 mg - 400 mg liquid gold plating on a copper metal jewellery, which in turn is cheaper than real gram gold jewellery. Why is one gram gold jewelry popular? In India one gram gold jewelry is one of most loved jewellery among middle class housewives as this jewellery is cheaper and is substitute of real gold jewellery and its quality is far better than cheap imitation as it is gram gold plated . And in today's times there is constant threat of theft, robbery and stealing of real gold ornaments. Which has made wearing gold jewellery a nightmare in today's times. Today it is very hard to find a Trustworthy and Reliable forming gram jewelry brand online as well as offline. Where do I find one gram jewelry online? "Ambika Art Jewelers" is owner of popular and well-known brand of 1-2 gram gold forming jewelry "NishuGold". Also through our group company we sell this jewelry under the name "NishuGold" through various online channels and retail store formats. "Ambika Art Jewelers" has been based in Vadodara for over 20 years, a trusted customer and an old trading firm. At present our group has stores and offices in Vadodara and Surat.

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  • Gram Forming Jewellery | One Gram Jewellery Online - Nishugold

    View More Nishugold Women's Jewelry Mangalsutra Long MS Short 4-5 Line WristWear Necklace Long Necklace Short Necklace Bangles Kadli Medium Bracelet Big Necklace Chain Men's Jewelry Kada Chain Pendant Bracelet Long-Big Others Bajubandh Haathpaan Bandhi Tika View More About Us About Our Products Contact Us Shipping & Returns Shop by Categories Mangalsutra Necklace Bangles Women's chains Kada Men's Bracelets Men's Chains About gram forming Jewelry It is liquid gold plated onto the copper. These jewelry is not of pure 1-2 gram gold but, contains (100-400 mg) of gold which gives this jewelry lifetime of 2-3 years, worn occasionally. You can wash it with soap water and still it will never turn white. That is the quality of gram forming jewelry. ​ Thus, it is a "Premium" substitute of Gold jewelry. Shop by Choice Women Men About Us About Nishugold Nishugold is brand of 1-2 Gram Forming Jewelry based in Gujarat for last 20 Years and with passion and years of experience we have gained the trust of 1 lakh+ customers across Gujarat. ​ And now we launch our brand India-wide. With concept of Omni-retail (online as well as on store shopping). Our Showroom at Vadodara 32-33, Alkapuri arcade, opp. Welcome Hotel, R.C Dutt road, Alkapuri, Vadodara, Gujarat 390007 Shop by Collections Premium Quality Jewelry Superior Quality Jewelry 1 Year Warranty Each jewelry piece has 1 year warranty Most widely reached We deliver in almost all major cities and other regions Pay easy. Pay quick With 50+ payment options you can now pay easily and quickly VISIT OUR STORES

  • Loyalty | Nishugold

    Join Our Loyalty Program Gain points and turn them into rewards Become a member 01 Sign Up Sign up as a member to start enjoying the loyalty program 02 Earn Points Purchase a product Get 100 points Sign up to the site Get 100 points 03 Redeem Rewards 10% off all store products 500 Points = 10% off for all store products

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