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* "Ambika Art Jewelers" has been based in Vadodara for over 20 years, a trusted customer and an old trading firm. At present our group has stores and offices in Vadodara and Surat. "Ambika Art Jewelers" is a popular and well-known brand of 1-2 gram gold forming jewelry "NishuGold". We also sell this jewelry through various online channels and retail store formats under the name "NishuGold" through our group company 'Ambika Art Jewellers'.

"Paradise Omni Retail" is our sister concern (group company), which sells all our jewelry brands and other consumer oriented products through online channels as well as retail stores. With the help of internet and mobile technology, we can provide excellent service, fast and safe products from parcels at very reasonable prices, especially to the out-of-town customers who cannot reach our store. For this, a special format and separate unit of "Paradise Omni Retail" has been set up.

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About our

An 'Omni Channel Retail' is a system by which a company or manufacturer delivers its products to its customers both online and offline through retail stores as well as through various online channels such as website, social media, call center etc.

The ideal situation is in an 'Omni Channel Retail' system which should be available at every store of that brand and at the same time on every online channel of that brand from Same Time, Same Product, Same Price, Same Warranty, and Same Service. And it doesn't matter if the customer is geographically in any city or village. Such an arrangement is being welcomed by consumers as "Omni Channel Retail".

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