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Order Process

This platform is especially for customers ordering parcels from anywhere in India. The order and delivery service has been set up for the purpose of providing timely and excellent delivery. Prices, discounts and warranty service etc. are the same on every online platform and on every show room.

Policies and Information

Shipping Policy

Free Delivery for order of Rs.1000 and above. And if order amounts below Rs.1000 then Rs.50 will be charged for delivery.

We will send through Reputed and Trusted courier service. Confirm any day until 7 p.m. so it can be dispatched same day.

The Parcel will generally take 5-6 days to be delivered at your door step. And you just have to pay for the product, there will be no any delivery charges.

 *If the delivery is not possible in small towns or villages then if there is post office near the village, home delivery can be obtained but it takes 4 to 6 days. The parcel is packed neatly and firmly, the product will not break. However, if there is any problem, it will be our  responsibility. We have a responsibility until the parcel reaches safely to the customer.

Information Regarding Quality

"NishuGold" Forming Jewelry This jewelry is made of copper or brass and is plated with liquid gold plated jewelry, which is called 1-2 gram jewelry in common parlance.

*  1 - 2 grams of gold plated on jewelry, it is a mixture of gold, copper and liquid chemicals, such plating is not pure gold. This jewelry is not priced on value of real gold.

*  The finishing and grooming of this jewelry is just like gold jewelry, the look and color tone is like perfect gold, it is its biggest unique point.

*  Each product of "Nishu Gold" Forming Jewelry has 1 year warranty which is given below.

Return & Refund Policy

Dear Customers, we work in "NishuGold" with complete honesty and transparency, you can order any product from us by parcel. Same exact item will be parceled, no cheating will happen. However for any reason the design or finishing is not received as expected, then after the parcel arrives the item has to be parceled back within two (2) working days, and this way it can be replaced or returned. The parcel is returned. On the same day you will get 100% cash refund (in bank transfer or mobile app) without any charge. The sealed item must be returned without using the item. The cost of returning the parcel is to be paid by the customer, (approximately Rs.50). There is no condition of return or exchange of jewelry of any brand used or obsolete.


 1 year warranty, 1 time re-polish service and repairing service free. If purchased on full MRP price of showroom then one can get it exchanged or return (50% refundable on return) within 2 Years of purchase, but in case of non-return policy you will be given 40% non-refundable discount, then there is no return or exchange value, but one will get a warranty service. Every piece of jewelry has a service warranty, there is no guarantee to change piece by piece or money back. Excellent quality gold formulation does not cause skin allergies. Here on the online platform we sell with 40% discount only on the condition of non-return.

Durability of Nishugold Product

"NishuGold" jewelry lasts a minimum of 3-4 years, worn on auspicious occasions or at festivals. Even-If stored for long it won't turn black without any usage. But these jewelry can get a little old in daily use, (like the original gold jewelry that gets old with everyday wear, And this jewelry can get old to a daily wearer who works normally fair) but will not get completely white.

It will be worth wearing even if it gets old, Excessive rough usage can cause the plating to wear out in some parts (in some parts, not in the whole jewelry), while the warranty re-polishing service is free.


Dull-looking jewelry can be washed with soapy water. Water or soap, shampoo will not be a problem, but washing is necessary  and can be washed frequently. After wash it will shine same as before. This thing is proof of our jewelry being original.

Billing System

The Original bill will be placed with the product parceled, the item of warranty will come with the warranty and all the terms and conditions related to product and its care will be written in the bill.

Caution & Care of Product

* When there sweat contact whole day on Nishugold's jewelry, then wash it off with water.

* On top of this take care that on the jewelry items such as spray, perfume, deodorant, mehendi, turmeric, hair-drier, mascara, lipstick, sanitizer, bleach, etc. like chemical substances do not come in contact.

* These jewelry cannot be placed in a jewelry box made of velvet or leather, put it in a plastic box or in a purse we provide.

* Do not put any jewelry in a separate bag with no imitation jewelry or make-up items.

Little more Information

In today's time of high prices and dangerous circumstances, when real gold jewelry can not be worn, 1-2 grams of jewelry from our "NishuGold" has really emerged as one of the best and sensible alternatives to gold jewelry. We have one to one varieties of jewelry designs that can be worn in wedding occasions and at other party functions. A wide range of Calcutti designs with best finishing and very real look is seen. 

Including Rajwadi Mangalsutra, Diamond Mangalsutra, Antique Mangalsutra, Calcutti Necklace Set, Antique Necklace Set, Rajwadi Long Queen Necklace Set, Handmade Broad Bracelets, Calcutti Bangles, Bangles Set, Sideband, Bandhi, Tika, Payal, Poncha, Pag Pan etc. are available. Gents items include chains, lucky, bracelets, beads, rudraksha beads etc.

Also daily wear machine cut bangles, chains, mug beads, You will find fancy designs of laser cut in Tulsi Mala, Dokiya Mangalsutra, Short Mangalsutra, Kadli, Patla.

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