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Free Delivery for order of Rs.1000 and above. And if order amounts below Rs.1000 then Rs.50 will be charged for delivery.

We will send through Reputed and Trusted courier service. Confirm any day until 7 p.m. so it can be dispatched same day.

The Parcel will generally take 5-6 days to be delivered at your door step. And you just have to pay for the product, there will be no any delivery charges.

 *If the delivery is not possible in small towns or villages then if there is post office near the village, home delivery can be obtained but it takes 4 to 6 days. The parcel is packed neatly and firmly, the product will not break. However, if there is any problem, it will be our  responsibility. We have a responsibility until the parcel reaches safely to the customer.


Dear Customers, we work in "NishuGold" with complete honesty and transparency, you can order any product from us by parcel. Same exact item will be parceled, no cheating will happen.


*However for any reason the design or finishing is not received as expected, then after the parcel arrives the item has to be parceled back within two (2) working days, and this way it can be replaced or returned. The parcel is returned On the same day you will get 100% cash refund (in bank transfer or mobile app) without any charge.


*The sealed item must be returned without using the item. The cost of returning the parcel is to be paid by the customer, (approximately Rs.50). There is no condition of return or exchange of jewelry of any brand used or obsolete.

Movers Carrying Packages
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