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What is One Gram Jewelry : All you need to know.

Updated: Feb 3, 2022

One gram jewelry or "Forming Jewelry" This jewelry is made of copper or brass and is plated with liquid gold plated jewelry, which is called 1-2 gram jewelry in common parlance.

So is one gram jewelry is real gold jewelry?

There are two types of one gram jewelry :-

1. Real gold gram jewelry : which comprises of real 1 gram gold plating on jewelry piece and seller also charges for 1 gram real gold.

2. Gram gold plated jewelry : which comprises of 300 mg - 400 mg liquid gold plating on a copper metal jewellery, which in turn is cheaper than real gram gold jewellery.

Why is one gram gold jewelry popular?

In India one gram gold jewelry is one of most loved jewellery among middle class housewives as this jewellery is cheaper and is substitute of real gold jewellery and its quality is far better than cheap imitation as it is gram gold plated .

And in today's times there is constant threat of theft, robbery and stealing of real gold ornaments. Which has made wearing gold jewellery a nightmare in today's times.

Today it is very hard to find a Trustworthy and Reliable forming gram jewelry brand online as well as offline.

Where do I find one gram jewelry online?

"Ambika Art Jewelers" is owner of popular and well-known brand of 1-2 gram gold forming jewelry "NishuGold".

Also through our group company we sell this jewelry under the name "NishuGold" through various online channels and retail store formats.

"Ambika Art Jewelers" has been based in Vadodara for over 20 years, a trusted customer and an old trading firm. At present our group has stores and offices in Vadodara and Surat.

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