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If the jewelry is in contact with sweat whole day, then wash it off with soapy water.

 On top of that take care that chemical substances such as spray, perfume, deodorant, mehendi, turmeric, hair-drier, mascara, lipstick, sanitizer, bleach, etc. do not come in contact with the jewelry.

 This 1-2 Gram jewelry cannot be placed in a jewelry box made of velvet or leather. Put it in a plastic box or in a purse we provide.

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About Our Leather


"NishuGold" jewelry lasts a minimum of 3-4 years, worn on auspicious occasions or at festivals. Even-If stored for long it won't turn black without any usage. But these jewelry can get a little old in daily usage, (like the original gold jewelry that gets old with everyday wear, this jewelry too can get old to a daily wearer who works normally fair) but, it will not turn completely white or black.

It will be worth wearing even if it gets old, Excessive rough usage can cause the plating to wear out in some parts (in some parts, not in the whole jewelry) while with 1 Year warranty, re-polishing service is free.

Dull-looking jewelry can be washed with soapy water. Water, soap or shampoo will not be a problem, but washing the jewelry after usage is necessary and can be washed multiple times. After washing it shine will be same as before. This thing is proof of our jewelry being original.


1 year warranty includes :


  •  1 time free re-polish service

  •  1 time free repairing service

* Every piece of jewelry has a service warranty, there is no guarantee to change piece by piece or money back.

* Excellent quality gold formulation does not cause skin allergies.


* Here on the online platform we sell with 40% discount only on the condition of non-return.

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