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  • What is 1-2 Gram Jewelry?
    '1-2 Gram Jewelry' is commercial term used for '1-2 Gram gold forming Jewelry'.
  • How is it made?
    A liquid mixture of gold, copper and two chemicals is electro-plated (coated) on copper base jewelry.
  • Does it contain 1-2 Gram pure gold?
    No , the mixture coated on the copper based jewelry does not contain 1-2 gram pure gold, and nor do we charge for real gold.
  • Does 1-2 gram jewelry have any resale value?
    No, it does not possess any resale value.
  • What is the durability of NishuGold jewelry?
    Occasional Wears :- Occasional wear items such as Chandanhaar, Necklace Sets, etc. have an average lifetime of 3-4 Years. Daily Wears :- Daily wear items like mangalsutra, bangles, bracelets, etc. have an average durability of 10-12 months if due care is taken.
  • Does NishuGold jewelry have any warranty?
    Yes, every piece of NishuGold jewelry comes with 1 year warranty that include :- * Free re-polish service * Free repairing to minor damages * Free replacement of movable parts
  • What is return policy?
    In any case if you find product dis-satisfactory then, you can return it within 2 days of receiving the product.
  • How will I get refund?
    Once you initiate return and refund, let us inform your bank a/c no. and IFSC details and as soon as we receive the unused product back we will start the refund process the same day. The refund may take 4-5 days to reflect back in your bank a/c. *Note: the product must remain unused.
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